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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to open this brief presentation. We hope it gives you a little bit more insight about our work ethics and ideas. Just scroll down and find out more about our new identity, our recently launched project Mike Rogers and our strategy. 

Founded in 2009 by Mike Mago, this Amsterdam based label is pushing the feel good sound of groovin’ dance and has been bridging gaps between genres for quite a while. Call it house, call it indie. We call it BMKLTSCH. 



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Our new identity is based on the personal vision of the artist. Together with our art director we will discover your identity throughout your story and sound to build a suitable profile. We will create a serie of photos for the releases that tells your story. The identity will be expanded for social and promotional purposes.

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The artists used are not part of BMKLTSCH.



Mike Rogers

With Mike Rogers we've kicked off a new chapter with building an artist identity. "There is a place between the city centre and the periphery's of a city. Our focus lies in the objects, people and small details of an area where it appears nothing much is happening. But there is always a story behind it." 

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Every release has his own release strategy, we specify your needs and wishes for the release and join forces with specialists in that particular field. We work closely together with Hyperactive, Your Army, ListenUp, Infectious, M+ Services by Fuga and many more. We also have great (personal) connections with Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music as well as a broad tastemaker / DJ network. 

Our releases have been featured in top class playlists on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, on tastemaker radio like BBC Radio One, Sirius FM and DJ radio shows and added on blogs like Billboard, Magnetic Mag, Acid Stag to name a few.